Gurmandur is a barren rocky land, with small areas of civilisation scattered around the area amidst the wilderness. The capital city, called Tarmaras, is located at the foot of the greyspire mountain range. This makes trade with the dwarven city of Dolfdukr possible.


The kingdom, if it can so be called, is ruled by Regent Tobias Morlask who rules for the under aged king.


The Military of Gurmandur is divided up among the different fiefdoms. Each Lord is required to equip and maintatin a force of troops. On average a fiefdoms troops consist of: 1 knight (the lord) commanding 40 men-at-arms and 90 longbowmen, however some have more troops than others. in times of war these troops are commanded by the king, or regent.


The people of Gurmandur prmarily worship St. Cuthbert and Obad-Hai; however other gods are worshiped, but only by a minority. There are temples and monastaries scattered around the land, mostly in population centres.


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