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Two thousand years ago The Empire of Taolos, which had become a bright beacon of civilization and culture that spanned most of Sel-Tethos, was brought to its knees by the great Mage War. The War eventually caused a great cataclysm to befall the empire; this, coupled with the hordes of savages that swarmed in from the outlands, was the main cause of the empires downfall.

Now Sel-Tethos is very different, The lands once ruled by that Mighty Empire are now split into many different Kingdoms ruled by many different Kings. The most powerful Kingdom is Laustania, which keeps many of the smaller kingdoms in check by virtue of the fact that it has a bigger army. The only Reminder of the Empire of Taolos are the tumbled down ruins of once mighty towers and the areas of blasted wasteland where few plants will grow, nor do many animals venture into these places.

The vast areas of wilderness are lawless places with few settlements, other than bandit encampments anyway. Nomadic tribes of barbarians wander in these places, often attacking outlying farms and villages. The mountains are home to the dwarves who strive to re master the lost arts of their ancestors, The true art of runecraft. In the forests, the oldest of the elves lament the fall of the empire still, for they can remember it.

The Cities of man Are huge sprawling affairs, with a mix of stone buildings and wooden ones. there is a vast division between rich and poor. Guards patrol the rich areas of the cities but ignore the slums and poor areas.


Home Page

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