Laustania is the largest kingdom in Sel-Tethos. Though it is a large kingdom a moderat part of that land is desert. The capital city Terenbar is located either side of the river Rashar; both sides of the city are connected by the ahinchent Teren Bridge, the only evedence that the Empire of Taolos was ever there.


Laustania is ruled by King Ayesar, who is a strong leader; that knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. The King has a council of advisers, that includes a representitve of each noble house in Laustania.


Laustania has a substantial professional standing army, known as The Kings leigon. these forces are can be bolstered by irregular troops of citizens militia. The leigon are well equiped and trained wheras the militia are armed with whatever they can get hold of.


The entire panteon of gods is worshipped across the kingdom of Laustania.


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