The second smallest Kingdom in the world. The kingdom was once larger and far more powerful and Included the region now known as Kheb. The outer region, constantly acting as a buffer against the raiding bandit and barbarian forces eventually revolted and claimed there own independence after a long and bloody civil war. The Parasaid kingdom is for the most part woodland and plain with a small mountain range in the north that acts as a natural barrier to those that would attack from the sea.

Government Parasaid is ruled by a monarchy. The last king was King Vargus who, despite rumors of his more indulgent behaviors, was a good king. He bore 6 heirs to the throne and died of a sudden illness that took him in his sleep. His children however murdered each other in lust for the throne in an event recorded as the ‘dark feud’ and was replaced by his Stuart, the now king, King Saergus.

Military The standing army is small and ill prepared to fight any invasion force. However, the kingdoms guard forces are unusually large and highly trained. King Saergus is often seen as paranoid of a new rebellion amongst the people, often dispatching forces on manhunts and purges withing his borders to rid his kingdom of traitors and conspirators.

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